The AA motorcycle insurance company has been on the road since 1905. A small group of motoring enthusiasts among the motoring community started the firm. In 1907, they devised and offered their first motor insurance policies. The goal of the company is to protect you, the motorist, and put your interests first. The AA is now the UK’s largest motoring organisation under licence by Europa Group Limited.

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

AA Motorcycle Insurance is ideal for scooters, mopeds, motorbikes, and superbikes, from BMW to Harley-Davidson, Honda and Yamaha. The AA can also find you insurance quotes if you’re after something a little bit different, including multi-bike policies and insurance for modified two wheelers. The great news is that AA members save 5% on insurance.

Features of The AA  Motorbike Insurance
  • No claims bonus protection available.
  • At least 60 days motorcycle insurance cover across EU countries.
  • Instant cover and monthly payment option when only the policyholder is named on the policy.
  • Optional extras – including uninsured loss recovery, personal accident, helmet and leather cover.
  • Cover for up to four motorcycles on a single policy(multi-bike cover)

Comparing motorcycle insurance quotes

If you’re looking at quotes with similar prices make sure you compare the excesses that apply to each policy. It’s also important to look at the benefits or options that policy offers. Think about the requirements for your cover. If you think you want cover for injuries you may suffer in a bike accident look for a policy offering personal accident cover. If you’re interested in taking your bike on a tour of Europe, look for a policy which extends cover to the EU for the period you need. If you’re looking for motorcycle insurance you could find the cover you need with the AA.

What you get from the AA motorbike insurance

  • Choose your insurance from comprehensive, third party fire and theft, or third party only insurance.
  • Discounts are available based on your no-claims record, parking security, and riding experience.
  • Tailor your insurance that suits your requirements with the optional extras.

Optional extras by the AA

You can enhance your motorcycle insurance by adding these cover options.

Bike Hire Plus – £31.99

Depend on your bike as your main mode of transport? don’t be left stranded. Bike Hire Plus cover will provide you with a replacement bike for up to 14 days if an accident leaves your bike unrideable.

Personal Accident Cover – £39.99

Personal Accident cover will provide up to £25,000 cover for accidental injury, disability or death. Give you and your family the peace of mind that if you have an accident on your motorbike, you will be covered

Legal Expenses Cover – £32.99

Protect yourself after an accident that wasn’t your fault for less than 10p a day, with up to £100,000 to cover costs such as compensation for personal injury, recovering loss of earnings, damage to personal belongings and prosecution defense to defend your legal rights.