Bikesure is a subsidiary of Adrian Flux insurance brand since 1994. Adrian Flux had been in the industry since 1979, before launching the Bikesure brand. Bikesure has expertise team which provides you the right motorbike insurance depending on your interests. Incorporated in Kings Lynn, Adrian Flux has more than 750 staff with 80 dedicated to the Bikesure brand. Bikesure is pleased to have such dedicated staffs who really share your enthusiasm for bicycles.

Bikesure – The Specialist Motorcycle Insurance

Find the best and cost effective motorcycle insurance without compromising on quality. Bikesure is the specialist motorcycle insurance company in the UK. Under the guidance of Adrian Flux’s specialist motorbike department, Bikesure can save your money with a wide range of policies. Bikesure provides insurance to any make, model or category of a bike at an affordable price, specializing in performance bikes, custom bikes, tourers, Chinese imports, quads, trikes, scooters, and modified bikes.

Bikesure Schemes

Know the wide range of schemes to cover almost every combination of bike and rider:

  • Agreed Value Cover
  • Limited Mileage Discounts
  • Multi Bike insurance
  • Accessories & Leathers cover available
  • European travel cover
  • Breakdown cover option
  • Chinese, Indian and SE Asian imports covered


Why choose Bikesure motorbike insurance?

Need a great value motorbike insurance? Bikesure is reliable to provide you with a competitive insurance quote without compromising on the quality of service. Bikesure takes privilege on having the capacity to offer insurance policies to cover essentially any kind of street legitimate bicycle. Their extensive variety of motorbike insurance plans implies they can take into account a varied client base and offer focused costs to both non-standard bicycles and high-hazard riders.