Established in 1974 by Adrian Flux himself, the company started out by insuring its first Spartan kit car. From vintage classics to kit cars, self-build homes to pet insurance, Adrian Flux sources quotes from a panel of more than 40 nationwide insurers, able to cover practically any vehicle or home. Adrian Flux has been providing motor, home, and bike insurance for over 40 years and becoming the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker with a reputation for expert staff and great service.

Adrian Flux Motorcycle Insurance

Save money with a range of policies from Adrian Flux specialist motorbike insurance. Find a high-quality policy to suit any motorbike, trike or quad and insurance for classic or customised bikes. Thier plans include agreed value cover and discounts for limited mileage. If you need motorcycle insurance for a big-name bike, they have special deals for Harleys, superbikes, and classic bikes.

Bike Insurance from Adrian Flux

Here are the wide range of insurance from Adrian Flux:

  • Motorbike Insurance
  • Quad Bike Insurance
  • Trike Insurance
  • Scooter Insurance
  • Superbike Insurance
  • Classic Bike Insurance
  • Cruiser Insurance
  • Bicycle Insurance

Adrian Flux Insurance schemes

A wide range of schemes to cover almost every combination of bike and rider. Our schemes can include:

  • Agreed Value Cover
  • Limited Mileage Discounts
  • Multi Bike insurance
  • Accessories & Leathers cover available
  • European travel cover
  • Breakdown cover option

Benefits of Adrian Flux Insurance

Adrian Flux offers a complete low-cost, high-quality service to all motorcyclists with competitive rates for younger riders, experienced riders, commuters, and enthusiasts. They will give you a great value quote when other insurers are left scratching their heads in confusion. Thier wide range of exclusive insurance schemes means that they offer a tailored service, ranging from top quality cover for classic Italian scooters or modern Chinese imports right through to the massive cruisers and awesome superbikes on the market today.

Why choose Adrian Flux motorcycle insurance?

  • European travel cover
  • Breakdown cover option
  • Discounts for security precautions
  • Agreed Value Cover- classic policies for older bikes
  • Limited Mileage Discounts- classic policies for older bikes